Bending English for the Filipino Stage

Bending English for the Filipino Stage


Title of the text: Bending English for the Filipino Stage

Author of the text: Bienvenido L. Lumbera

Title of the journal/ Publication: Kritikal Kultura: a refereed electronic journal of literacy: No. 7

URL or web address:

Main Idea:  The journal articles tracks how playwriting and the theater were medium in teaching the English language to Filipinos educated in the American educational project.

Evidences that supports the main idea:

  • The way to transcend from the local languages to the newly obtained English easier to contextualize, the English in the colonial-period plays was consciously modified to sound “as though [the characters] were speaking in their own tongues”—thus the phrase ‘bending English’. Having “bent English” indeed does make reading easier for Filipino.
  • The performances of plays with “bent English” provide a rich field of information on inappropriateness and disunion of linguistic experimentation.

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